"Than nothing, than flowers" is a photobook project created during the "Photobook as an Object" workshop with Yumi Goto and Juanan Requena in the Getxophoto festival in Bilbao. This project talks about the "mono no aware" concept, which is often translated as the pathos of things, and is related to the fugacity of life, to change, impermanence and also to the cycle of time, to birth, death and reincarnation. The title is a word play with the japanese phrase "Than the stars, than the flowers" (星よりも、花よりも Hoshi Yori mo, Hana Yori mo) which refers to something more beautyful than these things, and in this case, "than nothing" is the state of the cherry tree when there are no leaves or flowers, a state of future, which is in fact the potential for all the other states of life.

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